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1343 S. Morningside Drive
Rexburg, ID 83440
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Kurt Mayberry

Edward Soper

Mark Orchard

Dan Peay

Vernon Cook

Javier Alcaraz



About the Foundation

Over the years, many wonderful and generous individuals and groups have helped the Nivaclé people.  In 2005, the LDS church sent a short-term missionary couple with welfare and humanitarian experience, Edward and Jaycene Soper, to evaluate what could be done to help the villages of Abundancia and Mistolar become self-reliant.  During the same time, a group associated with BYU-Idaho spend a week with the Sopers.  Although the weather prevented this group from reaching Mistolar, they spent time in Abundancia and surrounding villages.  The group from BYUI included Mark Orchard (Animal Science), Mark Lovell (geology), Ron Harker (Construction Management), Kevin Andersen (Agronomy), Nic Packer (student), and Platt Price (student).  Kurt Mayberry, a physician from Rexburg also accompanied the group.

There is some hope.  Many of the recommendations resulting from the 2005 visit are are being followed by the LDS Church leaders locally and by Church offices in Salt Lake City.  However, the church will not be able to implement some of the improvements needed to adequately relieve suffering, improve education, develop greater self-reliance and improve the quality of life.  Consequently some involved in the 2005 visits have taken steps to establish a "Nivaclé Foundation," the intend of which is to complement church activities for the Nivaclé.

The Nivaclé Foundation is not affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, nor does it exist to “steady the ark” in regards to the welfare or humanitarian activities of the Church on behalf of poor and needy people throughout the world — including those who are members of the Church. It was created simply to give to individual members and families — and others — an opportunity to be personally and directly involved in giving service and sharing their means with a specific group of the “poorest of the poor’ — these impoverished LDS members and their neighbors of the Nivaclé ethnic group of Paraguay.

 The Nivaclé Foundation is being established as a charitable agency under the laws of the State of Idaho. It is being registered in Utah as an agency state-approved for receiving financial donations, and is seeking provisional approval from the IRS as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization — meaning that all donations to the Foundation will be tax-deductible.