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"...be anxiously engaged in a good cause..."

Who are the Nivacle?

The Nivaclé are an indigenous tribe of 15,000-25,000 scattered across the vast scrub plains of remote Paraguay. Over the last two generations, their traditional way of life has been changed by progress, displacement and Mother Nature. They are now living in deplorable conditions, unable to live according to traditional upbringing, yet also unable to adapt to a changing way of life. They have become dependent on charitable assistance and most are not self-reliant. Clean water and nutritious food are lacking. Education and vocational training are sorely inadequate. And jobs are low paying and sporadic. They are a happy people, a grateful people, a humble people who need help to pull themselves out of the condition they are in.


Donations needed for future projects

Note that all moneys donated to the Nivacle Foundation are used only as described in project proposals; there are no administrative, fund-raising or overhead costs. Donors are always given final (and where appropriate interim) reports, including written appreciation from the beneficiaries and photos of the ongoing or completed project. If interested in contributing to this (or other) project, please contact the project director listed on the proposal.

Upcoming Projects

:: See the progress of our projects :: Internship Opportunities :: Talent among the Nivacle
In August 2009, a team from BYUI went to Paraguay to teach how to build chicken coops and raise chickens for meat and eggs. 20 coops were initial built and 20 more are in the works.

The Nivacle Foundation will be providing internship opportunities for college students.  We are an approved Internship Provider at BYUI.  Email for more details

This nativity set is carved from Palo Santo, a natural green and very hard wood.